Here at Super Pet Foods we are proud of our ethos and beliefs in bringing our customers the best possible British made pet foods found on the market today.

We are a family run company based in Essex who have spent time and energy sourcing the best produce within the United Kingdom. As pet owners ourselves, we believe that our furry companions deserve nothing but the very best when it comes to pet food, so we ensure that we deliver the healthiest possible diet, packed full of all the right nutrients.

But how did we do this?

Our mission started a few years ago when we adopted two Staffie crossbreeds from Battersea Dogs Home in London.

Both Bentley & Molly had been severe abuse cases and it was obvious within a short space of time their digestive system could not handle mass production pet food found on the supermarket shelves.

Both dogs suffered from loose stools, itchy skin, bad breath and general bad health. We felt it was only right to try and rectify these problems by finding a pet food that would not only taste good but would stop all these things from happening to our beloved dogs.

After doing much research and realising there wasn’t the quality food readily available on the market, we decided that it was down to us to make our own affordable pet food to ensure our dogs were offered the best possible produce. After many months we came up with a healthy recipe that our dogs absolutely loved. The problems they had encountered with normal dog food had stopped and their health changed dramatically.

We did it!

We knew we had finally found a super pet food that was ideal for our dogs that was healthy and affordable. Our dogs were happy and full of life. The next step was to help other pet owners who had the same problems we had. Not many people realised that itchy skin, bad breath and loose stools could all be down to a poor diet. Just by changing this could really help and that’s where we come in.

We decided to open our own online business selling Super Pet Foods and are now delighted to offer our clients the same recipes that are still fed to our dogs today along with any advice they need. We couldn’t be happier with this product and know that it will help so many people give their dogs the healthiest start in life. We know that a healthy dog is a happy dog.

We are so happy to be able to help other pet owners. We are extremely proud of our hands on customer service approach to support clients with any questions or queries they may have about this product and how it can really benefit their pets.

We are only a phone call away and we are always happy to hear from our clients. So contact us today and we will help you in any way we can.